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As always, with the new year, comes a time for change. No matter how big or small the changes are that you aim to make in your life, the beginning of the year is a fresh start and therefore the perfect opportunity to get started. One way you can make a change, is by upgrading your property. This can mean small, subtle changes, or more drastic ones to make your home feel brand new. Giving your property an upgrade provides you with a lot of benefits, from feeling happy in your home, to having value added to the property! 

We thought we would give you a few ideas on ways you can upgrade your home this year…


Changing your lighting and colour scheme

As we mentioned, not all changes made to your house have to be dramatic. Perhaps you just want to make a few small changes to switch things up. A great way to do this is by making small alterations to your interior design, such as the colour scheme or lighting of a room. A change of colour scheme can have an impact as big or small as you’d like, it all depends on how you want to make the change, and what colours you go for. Furthermore, although lighting may seem a little insignificant, it can actually create quite a big impact. For example, having more lights in and around the room, like cabinet lighting, can really open the place up and make it feel a whole lot bigger.


Renovating the house

A house renovation can be quite a big and lengthy process, but it is certainly something you will reap the rewards from. It is the perfect solution to transforming your house without moving. A renovation can essentially be anything you want it to be, and things can be designed to your own taste. Perhaps you feel it’s time to modernise your home – having a renovation is a great chance to upgrade it with modern features and designs and make it feel like a completely different place.


Getting a conversion

Converting an old room into something bigger and better that you are going to get more use out of is probably one of the best upgrades you can give your home. It means that instead of having a neglected room, that might just be used for storage and to hoard old belongings, you can actually turn it into something you will use. 

A lot of people use conversions to create an extra bedroom in the house. This is ideal if you are expanding your family or running out of space. Furthermore, having a conversion on your property will increase its overall value, especially if the conversion adds a new bedroom to the house.


Expanding your kitchen

Kitchens are one room in the house that you can really experiment with and change in all kinds of ways. Small changes in the kitchen can make a big difference. As mentioned, having different lighting, including cabinet lighting, that covers the whole room will make it feel a lot bigger. Furthermore, you can also switch out big units and cabinets for open shelving to contribute to this. 


Building an extension

Having an extension built is a more drastic change to your property, but it is a fantastic upgrade that will provide you with lots of benefits. An extension will instantly increase the value of your house so that in future it will be worth a higher amount of money. Furthermore, you have quite a lot of freedom with extensions to make them what you want them to be. For example, if practical and possible, you can have a say on the shape and size of the extension, whereabouts it is built, and how you want it to look inside. Whether it is an extension on an existing room to make that bigger, or you are going to make it a whole new room in itself, extensions are the perfect way to upgrade your home.