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Every now and then, we are prone to getting a little bored or fed up with the design and decor in our homes. Sometimes it simply feels like time for a change, and you want to freshen things up and give the place a new lease of life. This is something we truly understand and encourage, and one particular area of your home you could revitalise at a low cost, is your kitchen. Making the place look different and refreshed doesn’t necessarily require drastic changes. In fact, sometimes, less is more. There are plenty of ways you can change features in your kitchen to make it look brand new, on a low and affordable budget.

We wanted to give you a few suggestions on how to revitalise your kitchen at a low cost!



Of course, if you change the colours anywhere in your house, it’s going to look completely different. However, this is a good way to change the look and feel of the room without doing anything that requires too much work, and also at a low cost. Simply painting the walls a new colour, whether it’s something totally vibrant and different or something subtle and similar to what you had originally, it still creates impact and can have the desired effect without you having to spend a lot of money. You can also incorporate colour in other ways, too. Perhaps you have accessories and utensils all of the same colour. You could replace all of these with a brand new colour, perhaps something a little brighter and bolder such as red to add some character to the place.



As we are on the topic of accessories, they are a really simple and easy way to alter the appearance of your kitchen. This can be done on a low budget, as it simply means replacing existing accessories or adding some new ones to create focal points and add to the decor. Sometimes, it is all in the detail, and getting some new accessories to place in and around your kitchen can be a really fun way to give the room a breath of fresh air.


A thorough clean

Obviously your kitchen is an area that should always be cleaned well. However, giving it a real thorough clean can make all the difference. This includes clearing out cupboards and throwing out anything that isn’t needed. It can create extra space and open areas up. Sometimes giving your kitchen a real good clean may involve replacing certain features that are looking a little worse for wear, however generally conducting a thorough and proper clean will have the place sparkling and revitalised.


Taking something out

Changing your kitchen doesn’t always have to mean adding something new, it can also be taking something out. For example, perhaps you have an unnecessary unit or something that you could do without – taking something like this out of your kitchen can have more of an impact than you think and create more room, therefore making the place look bigger and more spacious. Furthermore, this doesn’t have to cost any money at all, yet will open the up the whole kitchen and have it looking brand new.

For more tips and ideas or if you are looking for some professional help in decorating your kitchen, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!