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As with all aspects of interior design, the trends are constantly changing. This includes colour schemes, and trends that are unique to particular areas of the house. One thing we have noticed throughout the year so far, is the significant shift in kitchen colour trends. People are jumping on board all sorts of new schemes, and it’s great to see how these colour combinations bring their kitchen to life.

We see firsthand the way a kitchen can be transformed solely through colour schemes, and so we wanted to tell you about some of our favourite kitchen colour trends of 2020 so far so that you can get some ideas on different ways to design your kitchen.


Deep blue

So far this year we have noticed a huge rise in demand for deep blues in interior design. This classy yet calming colour can create a huge impact, and it looks great inside your kitchen. Deep shades of blue are very daring in interior design, especially when used as the predominant colour in your kitchen. It has quite a dramatic impact to the whole look and feel of the room, yet makes it look very classy and luxurious. If you are looking to really enhance your kitchen and create a big change, this is the perfect colour to go for. 


Muted tones

Muted tones are really interesting to incorporate throughout your kitchen. You can either use these tones throughout things like accessories, cutlery, or appliances, or you can use them as a more predominant colour, for example on your walls or cupboard doors. This year we have taken quite a shift in kitchen colour trends, from the classic grey and white finish, to adding a bit more colour yet in a slightly more subtle way. Muted tones are perfect for this, as you can embrace new colours without it being too bold or overbearing. 


Wood mixes

Rather than experimenting with new colours, a lot of people are jumping on board the trend of having wood finishes throughout their kitchen. This creates a very natural and authentic feel to the room, and is a great way to experiment with design and make it really interesting. You can have things like oak cabinets and cupboards, but people are not also liking the idea of wooden work tops, as well as furniture such as kitchen stools. 

Some people like to paint over wood finishes with a neutral sort of colour, however it is also popular to just leave it as it is with that natural look. Wood finishes add a whole new depth of texture to your kitchen.


Black & white

Black and white is a timeless favourite when it comes to colour schemes. You simply can’t go wrong with it. However, in 2020 we are seeing that a lot of people are bringing this into the kitchen, and making black the more dominant colour. This very classic look can add a whole new level of sophistication to your kitchen, and it can look quite dramatic and edgy with a majority black colour scheme. This immediately draws attention and adds more character to the room.



Though green may seem like quite a daring colour, choosing the right shade can create a really interesting design in your kitchen. There has recently been quite a surge in popularity for this colour, and it’s not hard to see why. There are all kinds of ways you can use green in your kitchen design, experimenting with different shades. 

Perhaps you want to go for something pale and washed out, or on the other hand you could opt for a dark green and pair it with some muted grey tones or white. This can create a very luxurious feel within your kitchen, and it also gives off a nature sort of look, which has been very popular over recent years.

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