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Home design trends are constantly changing every year. Interior design is a very adaptable and exciting industry with a lot to offer. Everyone has their own preferences on how they want their home to be decorated and what they want it to look like. However, new trends are arising all the time and becoming more and more popular. This offers the chance to experiment with your home and create a design personalised to you. 

Bathrooms are one room in the house where design can be a little more interesting. You can get big eccentric features, or experiment with different colour schemes, to kitting it out with luxurious materials and facilities. To give you a little more inspiration on how to decorate your bathroom, we thought we’d talk about some of our favourite trends this year!


Black and white

Although it may seem like quite a plain and simple and common colour scheme, in a bathroom setting, black and white can actually be pretty powerful. Black is such a bold colour that contrasts perfectly with white and creates an immediate impact, making the room look very classy and slick. Sometimes less is more, and with a black and white colour scheme you can create maximum effect with minimal dramatic changes. 


Quirky tiles and wallpaper

Daring to be different can provide you with the best results sometimes. Although a lot of us tend to keep our bathrooms fairly simple in the design, it never hurts to try something a little different. Now you can be more and more adventurous with things like bathroom wallpaper and tiles. Something that has been popular this year is decorating the walls, or one wall in the bathroom, with loud patterned wallpaper, or quirky style tiling. This can consist of all different shapes, textures and colours to provide you with an eye catching focal point in your bathroom. Furthermore, having something big and bold like this in an otherwise plain bathroom can really draw your attention immediately and stand out.


Gold is back

Experimenting with accents and features in your bathroom is a great way to alter the feel of the room. This year, things like gold and brass have become very popular, and it is not hard to see why. This is quite a delicate design trend, that works well with an otherwise plain colour scheme such as all white, to create a whole new vibe and appearance. You can incorporate gold through things like taps and shower heads, so that it looks quite natural as well as classy.


Go bright and bold

It’s probably fair to say that the majority of bathrooms go by colours such as grey, white, beige and black. It is not often that we are adventurous with our colours. However, this year people are loving a burst of colour in their bathrooms. Whether this is incorporated through accessories, storage facilities, accents – adding a bright, bold colour to your bathroom brings it to life. The great thing about this is that it is likely to match your existing colour scheme and compliment it really well. 2019 has seen us become more creative and adventurous with our bathrooms, and allowed us to use bright colours in order to create a particular vibe or atmosphere.


Luxurious bathtubs

Perhaps you are going for more of a luxury feel with your bathroom – nothing adds to this better than a big, fancy bathtub. This doesn’t have to be anything too flashy like a jacuzzi bath, but rather you can shop around for a bigger, more luxurious style of bath than what you already have. Not only is this incredibly relaxing, but it is a big statement within your bathroom, and one that certainly adds a touch of class.

These are just a small handful of popular bathroom design trends that we have seen so far this year. To find out more, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!