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Your bathroom is quite an important part of your home, as it’s arguably the one room that everybody uses – both residents and guests. So because of this, you want it to look great. One thing that can really change up the whole appearance of your bathroom and the design, is lighting. When renovating or redesigning your bathroom, its not typically the first thing you think about, however what you may not realise is that it can make quite a significant difference.

In this blog we talk about some of the things you should consider when choosing lighting for your bathroom, as well as some recommendations of the more commonly chosen types of lighting.

Natural lighting

Firstly, every bathroom is different. Of course, generally speaking this is quite an obvious statement to make. However, we mean it in terms of existing and natural lighting. Some bathrooms may be exposed to more natural light than others, which will be a big determining factor of what kind of lighting you should go for, and what will have the best impact. For example, if the room is already exposed to quite a bit of light, then you might want to go for something smaller, than only focuses on lighting certain areas.



The setting and ambience

With your bathroom, you want to create a relaxing space, as it can often be a place to wind down and have a nice hot bubble bath after a long day. In order to create the right, relaxing atmosphere, you must choose your lighting carefully. For example, you probably don’t want something too bright and harsh, but you also want it to cover all bases and light up the most important areas, as well as give off a classy and tidy look.



Design and aesthetics

Lighting is a remarkable thing. Just altering it ever so slightly can completely change the dynamic of the room. For example, they can make the room look more spacious, create a calm and dim setting, and even place emphasis on certain designs within the bathroom. It all comes down to carefully positioning your lighting, and choosing the right kind in order to achieve the goal you’ve set out for.



Do you feel happy with it?

Now we’ve covered the main points, the next thing to consider is, are all areas covered? Are all the boxes ticked? Is there anywhere that could do with just a little bit more light? It’s good to actually see how a particular light looks in your room. You may find that with the type you’ve chosen, you’re left with some dull areas that need brightening up – perhaps some wall lights would do the trick!



Types of lighting

We thought it may be helpful to just list a few different kinds of lighting that you could choose from…


Ceiling lights

If you’re going for a bit of a less is more approach, ceiling lights are ideal. They are the best for brightness and make the lighting quite steady, soft and consistent. Perhaps if you don’t get that much light coming into your bathroom this would be a good option for you, as it covers the whole room and provides a lot of light. There can be various kinds of ceiling lights, but a lot of people tend to go for something plain and well-sized just in the middle of the room.



Spotlights are a great choice for multiple reasons. For one, they look very classy and immediately change up the design of the room, giving it a completely different feel, but as well as this, they tick all the boxes when it comes to actually lighting up the room. Usually, spotlights aren’t just limited to an on-off flick of the switch option, but in fact they are adjustable, allowing you to make them as bright or dim as you please.

Stylish and fancy, flattering – you want to be looking your best when you take a quick glance in the mirror


Wall lights

If you don’t anything too ‘in your face’, and you want little intervals between your lighting, so that it’s spread out and not all in one place, wall lights are perfect. They’re not necessarily central to the room but rather place focus on a particular part and can be used to emphasise lighting in certain areas, above your sink or by your mirror perhaps.



We hope this has been helpful and if you require any help or advice with designing or renovating your bathroom, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01633 869 712.