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Seeing as we’ve been lucky enough to have some very nice weather at the moment, it got us thinking, is your garden ready for summer? With summer only round the corner, you want to be able to make the most of the glorious weather, and this may involve inviting friends and family round to socialise or have a BBQ in your garden for example. Therefore, you want to make sure that it is presentable and leaves a good impression on your guests.

Here at KJ East we take on landscaping projects to transform outdoor areas and patches of land on your property. With summer creeping up on us quickly, this is the perfect time to get the ball rolling and have your garden enhanced and prepared to show off to your friends and family!


What is landscaping?

Landscaping basically means enhancing particular features on an area of land. If we take your garden for example, this may involve living elements such as plants and flowers, and the process of planting them and helping them grow healthily and to positively impact the design and appearance of the garden. Furthermore, landscaping doesn’t just involve living elements, but it can also be things like pathways, rock or water features, and much more!


How can landscaping make your garden glow this summer?

It’s probably fair to say that we are all guilty of neglecting our gardens, particularly over winter and in the colder months. However, a bit of TLC can do a lot for a garden, and getting the right person in for the job (ie a landscaper!) can make the world of difference. By hiring a landscaper, you are essentially getting someone to do some advanced gardening and really get the area into shape and looking beautiful.

With the professional insight of a landscaper along with your visions and hopes, you will find yourself with a stunning garden to enjoy and show off to your loved ones this summer. You may even make your garden more of a people-friendly space, with a social area for people to gather and relax in.


Ideas for landscaping

Landscaping can entail a whole bunch of things, and knowing where to start or what areas to focus on can be tricky and make for a difficult decision. Although your landscaper will be able to offer their own professional advice and make suggestions for design, it is good to have ideas in mind to set a goal and create a vision. Furthermore, what you choose to have done may also depend on budget. You don’t necessarily have to have a big budget to transform your garden, but this may determine some of the things you would like to place more of a focus on in the project.

One thing that can make quite a difference to your garden, is turfing. When grass is neglected or ruined, it is often very unappealing and tends to make your garden not the sort of place you want to spend time and invite people to. Fresh turf is far more appealing and can also be more practical for you. So, if bad weather or lack of care has taken its toll on your grass, this could be something for you to consider!

Building a path or walkway through your garden is also something that really makes for a big transformation. Stone walkways appear more luxurious and add a touch of elegance to a garden, not to mention the improved ease of getting from A to B. Even if your garden isn’t very big, having a stone path built in could be the perfect upgrade.

Finally, one of our favourite things are water features. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as listening to the water trickling whilst you wind down and enjoy the sun in your garden. Waterfalls also tend to make the area look a little more elegant and classy, and often become a focal point in the garden. Another popular water feature are ponds. No matter how big or small, they add character to your garden, and can also be good for if you have children as you can get fish to go in there.

For more information or if you would like to hire us for some landscaping work on your property, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!