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Putting your own touch on the design of your home is important, and you want to do it the right way. Perhaps you’re thinking it’s time for a change, and you want to switch up some of the different designs and themes throughout your house a little bit. A good place to start with this is in the kitchen. Your kitchen is a great place to experiment, and integrate a bit of your own style and ideas.

We’ve got some of the most common kitchen design trends for 2018 that may help you decide on an idea of where you want to go with it, or think about how you could interpret different trends and put your own spin on them…

Hanging lights

One trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere in 2018, is hanging lights. People often have pendant lights often in a row in the centre of the room. These are ideal if you have a breakfast bar or island, as they tend to hang quite low so you want them somewhere where they won’t get in the way when you’re walking around in there.

Pendant lights provide a great opportunity for you to add your own touch and make them suit the feel and vibe you’re going for. For example, they could intensify the lighting on a certain area, or create a unique mood in the kitchen. Furthermore, you can be adventurous with different colours, perhaps something bold to stand out, or baby colours such as blue, pink and yellow, as these are very popular at the moment. This can add a bit of character and life to the room and capture peoples attention.

‘Out there’ colour schemes

2018 seems to be the year for people to get a little more brave with their colour and design choices in the kitchen. This means that bright colour schemes are very in at the moment, as well as bold and quirky patterns that make it a bit different and stand out. Having pops of bold colours or patterns in what is otherwise quite a plain and simple looking kitchen, can really add some character and enhance the whole appearance and feel of it.


It’s now becoming more and more popular for people to have islands built into the centre of their kitchen. Not only does this look modern and impressive, but it’s also very practical and convenient, as it can act as a little dining space, or storage facility. Getting an island put into your kitchen can give it a completely brand new, modern upgrade.


The marble effect is a very modern and trendy design that has become rather popular in kitchens, and we can only expect this to continue in 2018. One of the most attractive prospects of marble, is that it gives quite a good ‘less is more’ impact. Although rather simple, it does add quite an attractive twist to the design of your kitchen, and is a step up from just having completely plain colours. It’s most common to see marble work with greys and whites, so if you have a similar colour scheme to this already, why not try integrating it?

Built-in sinks

This is set to be a big kitchen design trend of 2018, as they make your kitchen look very sleek and tidy. It basically means that the sink blends in with the rest of the kitchen top, and is mae of the same material, design and colour so that it looks a part of it, rather than put in separately. As a result, this makes it look rather sophisticated and luxurious, and also much easier to clean!

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