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With summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to start planning on how to make sure your property is ready and complete. Are there changes you can make to enhance it? Are you looking for an upgrade? Or do you want to transform an unused outdoor space into a brand new social area? There are countless ways you can transform and update your property, and summer is the perfect time to do this. Furthermore, with everything going on at the moment, it can be a good time to start making plans and look forward to having your property ready and fresh this summer. 


Ever considered a garage conversion?

A lot of the time, garages are used for nothing more than to store belongings. Usually, this includes things like garden furniture and equipment, as well as things you probably don’t use very often. One way to get your property ready for summer, is to have a big clear out of your garage and convert it into a more sociable space. This is ideal for summer evenings, as you can open it up and enjoy the lovely warm weather from the comfort of a freshly renovated garage, alongside your friends and family. 

Having a garage conversion is a great investment, because it adds significant value to your property overall, and it also provides more use and converts it into a desired space. Make sure you are summer ready with a brand new garage conversion to enjoy the warm evenings with your loved ones!


Why not extend your property with a conservatory/orangery?

House extensions come in various forms, but one way you can extend the property is by having a conservatory or orangery built onto the back of it. This is a very summer friendly feature, and is great for enjoying the sunshine. Furthermore, even when it gets a bit more chilly, conservatories and orangeries are great as they make you feel connected to the outdoors due to the exposure to the outside and the way they are built.  

This is another way to add value to your property, especially if you have a modernised extension that will appeal to buyers if you ever go on to sell your property. Conservatories and orangeries create a very relaxing and peaceful space, and they are the perfect room to make the most of connecting to the outdoors. 


Have an unused barn?

If you have a barn on your property that isn’t being used, you can convert this into something great. Barn conversions are so unique and exciting as they provide so much opportunity in the way you can do the conversion and how you want the finished space to look. As it is an outdoor room, having a barn conversion could provide a lot of use during the summertime, especially if you are inviting guests over and want to host a bit of a get together. 


Give the interior some TLC

Here at KJ East, we specialise in renovating bathrooms and kitchens, however all parts of your house can undergo some TLC ready for the summer. Perhaps you want to brighten some of the rooms with warmer, summer tones such as yellows and oranges, or maybe you want to alter the lighting, or change up the layout of a room. There are endless ways you can redecorate and rearrange your interior. If you are at home during these challenging times, perhaps you could start the process of doing some redecorating, and give your interior a bit of TLC with some brighter, summer-friendly colours!