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Converting your garage is a really good way to enhance your property. Garages are often a little bit neglected and don’t have much purpose other than to hoard belongings that we only get out oncle in a blue moon. Not only this, but they can often be a bit of an eyesore on your property too, particularly if they are old and haven’t had a new lick of paint for a few years. 

Having a garage conversion presents so many opportunities. It allows you to get creative and transform this old, neglected part of your property into something with much better practical use and that looks a little more aesthetically pleasing. 

Garage conversions provide so many benefits, including potential added value to your property depending on the extent of your conversion. Because it is such a great way to enhance this space and make better use of it, we wanted to give you a few ideas on what you can do with a garage conversion and how this could transform your property. 


A home gym

Your garage is the perfect place to set up a home gym. It’s convenient as it is so easily accessible, but it is also slightly detached from your home and kept separate. Having a home gym is a really fun way to redesign your garage and find yourself getting more practical use out of this space. 


An extra bedroom

Perhaps you are finding yourself a little bit short of space in your home and you could do with an extra bedroom. Instead of struggling or looking at more expensive and time consuming alternatives, you could convert your garage into a whole new bedroom. This gives you a lot of freedom on how you might want to experiment with the design. Furthermore, it is extremely practical as it immediately provides you with the space and functions that you need. This could also add value to your property, as you would be upgrading from a three bedroom property to four bedrooms for example.


A home office

A home office is considered to be a luxury, however if you have a garage that is outdated and used for nothing other than to store a few belongings, why not take advantage of this space? Having a home office in your garage is very convenient, as it allows you the privacy you need to focus on tasks and get your work completed. You can make this environment both comfortable and professional, so that you can stay focused whilst being in the comfort of your own home. 


A games room

Garage conversions can be as fun and exciting as you want them to be. If the space is being used for nothing more than to keep a bit of garden equipment, you should optimise this so that you can get real use out of it and actually make the most of the space. Turning your garage into a games room offers endless opportunities, from the way you have the interior design to the games and furniture that you have in there. This is a great way to transform your garage space and make it somewhere that you actually use more than a few times a year!


An extra social area

You may not necessarily have any real reason to have a garage conversion, it could just be that it looks out of place at your property and you don’t use it for anything. This is a good enough reason to have it converted into something a bit more exciting that you can find uses from. A good idea is to simply have this turned into a new social area. You can make the design fun and personal, and use this as the staple area to socialise and relax when you invite friends and family over. 


A home cinema

If you are looking to invest a bit more money into having a garage conversion, you could do something a bit different and have it made into a home cinema. Creating a comfortable and cosy setting to enjoy movie nights is a really fun and exciting way to upgrade your garage space into something you can enjoy.


A bar

Over the last few months, we have seen a rise in people making homemade bar areas in their garden. This is a great idea for converting your garage. You can have a bar built in where you can hold social gatherings amongst your family and friends, and have this be a nice, comfortable area that will leave your guests feeling impressed and wanting to come back for more. 

These are just a handful of ways that you can transform your garage. For more information and advice or if you are considering having a garage conversion and would like to speak to us about it, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.