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As a business we specialise in work such as extensions and conversions, and renovations and repairs. However, more recently we have extended our duties to include work towards flood protection and mitigation. This means that if a property is in risk of flooding or water damage, we are fully equipped to carry out the necessary procedures to reduce risk and lessen impact. We feel that this is something very important as flooding and water damage can cause serious issues within your home or property and can be quite dangerous.


What is mitigation?

Mitigation is slightly different to prevention, as it is about controlling the flood. So for example, putting the correct measures in place to redirect the water and change the route in which it flows as an attempt to keep it away from your property. Mitigation doesn’t necessarily prevent flooding, it’s about using flood gates and other methods to keep the water flowing in a different direction in order to prevent it from getting into your home.


The risk of flooding

Pretty much anywhere and everywhere is at risk of flooding, and so it is important to be aware of this and act upon any signs of flooding that you may encounter. Flooding is one natural disaster that we are most prone to here in the UK, and one that can cause very severe damage. Of course, some areas are more prone to it than others, such as places near rivers or the seaside, as this water could overflow in heavy rainfall and downpour, but wherever you are, flooding can come as a result of lots of rain.


Why it’s important to stay protected

Flooding can be caused by weakness in the structure of your home and any gaps in flooring or walls, and so if you notice any signs of these things it’s important to contact a professional to get it sorted so that you reduce any risk of flooding in your home. It’s not just natural causes that make floods a hazard, either, as they can come from leaking pipes and drains within your home.

Staying protected against flooding is extremely important, as the impact from this can be severe. Not only is the damage costly, but it’s also pretty dangerous and this becomes worse the longer your home is exposed to the flooding. It’s vital to ensure that your home is safe in terms of flood risk so that you don’t suffer any hazardous and long term damage.


Damage that can be caused

The damage from flooding all depends on where it is, and how severely flooded the property becomes. It can also be affected by the state of your home and how strong or weak it is to withstand the damage. Arguably one of the worst kinds of damage by flooding, is structural damage. This can be extremely dangerous as it leads to weakness in the structure of the property. It also causes a lot of trouble with electrics, which can be both very costly and very dangerous. These are only a couple of ways that flooding can lead to further problems in your home, and why you must try and prevent it from happening at all costs.


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