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Have you ever considered having an extension? Perhaps you’ve decided you need a bit more room, or you’re simply just looking to give your home a new lease of life. Look no further, having an extension is the perfect way to completely change the dynamic of your home as well as solve all of your problems and provide fantastic benefits in the long run.

Cost benefits

I’m sure you’re keen to know about the cost benefits of having an extension on your home. Well, where do we start?! Although an extension can of course be rather costly upfront, it’s important to weigh up all the pros and cons to see that it is in fact a good decision both practically and financially. For one, it is a lot more cost effective than moving.

Deciding on getting an extension rather than moving house it without a doubt better in the long run. It saves you a lot of money and ultimately increases the whole value of your property, meaning that when you eventually go on to sell it in the future, it will be worth more. This then becomes more appealing to buyers, too. A property with an extension increases the space of the building and makes it a very attractive quality to those who are home hunting.

Furthermore, with the money you would save in choosing an extension over buying a new place, you can splash out a little on the decorating, as well as buying new furniture and any other bits and bobs!

It’s a better option than moving

As we have just touched on, having an extension becomes a far better option than moving into a new home for many reasons. There’s no need to relocate and start all over again, simply transform your existing home and give it the space you need and desire.

Think about it; what are your reasons for wanting to move? Could this be solved in the form of an extension? A lot of the time, the issue comes down to space, and surely this could be massively helped by expanding your current property. Maybe you’re expanding the family – having a new room in the house can make the world of difference!

Also, something to be considered id that instead of solving your problems, moving house can often provide you with more than you had in the first place. For example, it would require a lot more money and having a new mortgage to pay off, which in itself can be difficult and stressful to manage.


You can make it what you want

Whether you’re extending an existing room or creating an entirely brand new one – there are no limits! Having an extension on your current home allows you to turn your visions into a reality. The whole thing can be as personalised as you would like, you can make the space what you want it to be and ensure that it matches the rest of your home. As well as this, it takes away a lot of stress. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect new home, or how you’re going to be able to afford it, or the million and one other things that come with buying a new house.

It provides a lot of extra space

One of the most common reasons why people look to move house or get an extension is because they’d like a little extra space. If you’re concerned that your home isn’t quite big enough, whether this be that you’re expanding the family or simply feeling that it’s a little cramped, having an extension can solve a lot of your troubles.

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