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It’s pretty much inevitable that over time, all of the extra space in your house will seem to disappear, and one thing we will always want in our home, is more space. Now, most people think that moving into a new and bigger property is the only way to solve this, but that’s not necessarily true…


Choose an extension, it saves a LOT of money!

Are you struggling for space in your current home? Looking to move into somewhere else? Don’t! There’s no need to buy a new house, when you could simply get an extension built into the one you already live in. This brings endless possibilities, increases the value of your property, and also saves you a lot of time and money.


You can have it how you want it

When looking for a new house, there are so many things that need to be considered. It can be a tough job finding something that’s exactly how you want it, because there will always be some things that are exactly what you’re looking for, but other aspects that are just not quite right. However, with an extension, you don’t have to encounter nearly as many problems.

If you choose to have an extension, you can decide exactly how you want it. This could be anything from where it is, how big, or even what shape you’d like it! Whether you’re extending an existing part of the house or building an entirely new one, everything is tailormade to be completely how you want it.


It still solves the same problems

Choosing to have an extension over moving house still ultimately gives you what you need, which is more space. There’s so much that comes with buying a new house, as well as selling the one you live in, and once you weigh up the pro’s and con’s, getting an extension is the perfect solution to all of your unwanted problems!


It adds more value

Having an extension built is actually better for you long term. As well as saving a lot of time money and hassle, it will add more value and attraction to your house for when you do eventually go on to sell it in the future. This will allow you to make a better profit, and invest into something better.

So, why not chat to one of our team today to find out how having an extension can solve your problems? With over 10 years experience, we’re here to offer the very best advice to you. So, give us a call on 01633 869 712 or 07970 461 594, or you can drop us an email at k.j.east@talktalk.net and we will be happy to help.