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While there’s a whole world of different looks and trends that can be incorporated into your living room, kitchen, bedrooms or dining spaces, we don’t often see much interior design inspiration given for bathrooms, which often get left behind. While your bathroom may still look stylish and modern, with the majority of bathrooms still sporting clean white colour schemes with subtly-coloured tiling, there’s nothing wrong with looking to mix it up a bit – though there isn’t so much inspiration to be found across the internet than there may be for other areas of the home.

Here are just a few bathroom design ideas that you may not have thought of, perfect for those looking to refresh their bathrooms in 2021.

Use Plants To Create A Bathroom Oasis

Bring a little life to your bathroom space using plants placed throughout! Plants can bring a fresh, open look to majority of areas of your home and the bathroom is no exception – however, think carefully about which plants might be best in this space.

If you’re looking to use real plants within your design and are happy with the maintenance involved, the best plants to go for are those which are at their happiest and healthiest in an environment can, at times, be humid or dark.

Ivy is a popular plant amongst many areas of the home and, fortunately, can thrive in your bathroom, too. Why not place a trailing ivy plant within your bathroom, perhaps against the ceiling corners, above your sink or above your bath, to liven up an often-forgotten part of the room?

Many kinds of fern plant are also particularly happy within a bathroom environment and, whilst occasionally difficult to maintain, can really bring a vibrant feel to the space. A shelf decorated with different ferns could be a beautiful addition to any bathroom!

If you’re not sure that your plant-keeping skills are quite up to the task or would simply like a much more low-maintenance option, there’s no reason why artificial plants can’t still look great, either! Artificial plants can be made to look more real than ever these days, so be sure to take a look around for some for your own space.

Add A Splash Of Colour

Why not break up the walls of white with a splash of paint?

Colour in the bathroom has never been more popular, so adding a little contrast to the simple white look that many bathrooms are given is a great way to update your space, as well as creating a cosier atmosphere.

The most popular colours within bathrooms these days tend to be slightly more muted, earth-tone colours, such as green and taupe. However, a fresh blue or yellow could add an invigorating, fresh look to your bathroom, too! Even black accents may bring a sense of style, giving your bathroom a modern, monochrome feel.

Depending on the colours of your bathroom installations – baths, toilets, sinks, etc. – some colours may suit the room better than others, so make sure you take this into account when deciding which colour to go with. Perhaps experiment with different colours of soft furnishings before diving in and purchasing any paint!

Be Adventurous With New Installations

If you’re planning on having an entirely new bathroom installed, then why not consider trying out a completely different style of fixtures and fittings than you may be used to?

Free-standing baths add a real feeling of comfort, elegance and luxury to a space. A claw-foot tub teamed with beautiful copper shower and sink fittings will make for a beautiful classic feel.

Farmhouse is also a huge design trend in 2021 and these kinds of installations lend themselves to it perfectly! While you’ve probably seen kitchens adorned with eclectic tiling and vintage wall art, this look works beautifully in the bathroom, too, and is sure to give your space a real feeling of style and taste. If you’re a big fan of the interior design trends of country homes or years-gone-by, this kind of bathroom design could be exactly what you’re looking for to make bathtime that little bit cosier.

If you find yourself on the other end of the style-spectrum and prefer a clean, modern look, then why not break away from the traditionally round silhouette of bathroom furniture in favour of some slightly different installations?

Square showerheads, sinks and toilets are incredibly popular, as well as less-rounded, rectangular baths. These kinds of installations may have only started to appear across the last few years, but it’s quite clear that they’re here to stay. These installations take modern and make it even more modern, so if that’s your style, it doesn’t get better than this!

Whether either of these ideas sound right for you or you feel you’re looking for something completely different, we can help you bring your dream bathroom to life here at KJ East. If you’re looking to have a new bathroom installed in 2021 and are looking for the perfect new look for your space, we’re here to help.

We have years of experience in this kind of construction and keep the client at the centre of everything that we do, tailoring your experience to bring you the perfect new kitchen or bathroom and make the very most of your space!

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