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A renovation of any part of your home will provide you with a considerably long list of benefits. First and foremost, it gives your home a breath of fresh air, but not only this, it massively enhances the design, serves practical value and can also increase the overall value of your home. You would be surprised to see what a difference it actually makes when you have a renovation. 

Here at KJ East, one area that we specialise in is kitchen renovations. With this, we see firsthand the huge difference you can make from transforming the design and replacing old appliances and units with more modernised upgrades. Having a kitchen renovation is a bespoke service as you have the freedom to do whatever you would like with the room in order to turn your visions into a reality. As this can provide some amazing benefits to you and your home, we thought we would tell you a little more about these and explain why you should consider getting your kitchen renovated!


Adding character to the room

With having a kitchen renovation, you have the freedom to do whatever you’d like with the design. This means you can personalise it in your own way and add character through the design. A lot of people see renovations as a chance to modernise everything, and while this is what most will opt for, you can still make the design your own and create whatever feel you want to.


Modernising your kitchen and becoming more eco-friendly

With kitchen appliances such as dishwashers for example, you can now get modern, eco-friendly alternatives to what you had before that are designed in a way to use less water and are ultimately better for the environment. Furthermore, as a result of this you will actually save money on your energy bills due to the fact you will be using considerably less water on a daily basis. 


Determine a more practical layout

If you have recently moved into quite an old and outdated home, a lot of the time you will find that the layout isn’t always the most practical or doesn’t really suit you. Therefore, renovating the kitchen is the perfect opportunity to change this and make the layout much more practical and beneficial to you. For example, you may have bulky cupboards and storage units that you want to swap out for something a little more compact and refined, or perhaps you are considering having an island built in the middle to create the illusion of a bigger room, but also provide a comfortable social and dining area, as well as extra storage space. 

Ahead of any kitchen renovation you will talk through your ideas with the team being handed the project. This way, they can use their professional insight and experience to advise you on the best, most practical ways to have the layout, and then devise a plan you are completely happy with. 


You can make your home more sustainable

Kitchen renovations are so broad in their format. Every project starts from scratch, meaning that you have the opportunity to do anything you like with your kitchen that is practically doable. From layout, to colour scheme, to lighting and appliances, you have the final word in what you want your new kitchen to look like. 

One way you can use a kitchen renovation to your advantage, is by making your home more sustainable. For example, you could have units and worktops made of sustainable materials. Furthermore, as we mentioned, you can now find more energy efficient alternatives to your kitchen appliances that will use less energy. All of these things make a huge difference and contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and home. This will also bring down energy bills, which is another great reason to make your kitchen more sustainable!


Increasing the value of your property

One of the major benefits to renovating your kitchen, is that it will actually add to the value of your property. By enhancing the design and layout, and updating all appliances and units to more modern ones, you will as a result increase the value of your home. For one, this renovation automatically gives your home more appeal and makes it more attractive on the market. Remodelling your kitchen will not only speed up the process of selling your property if you decide to do so in the future, but it will also increase the value you sell it at. 


For more information and advice or if you are considering getting your kitchen renovated and would like our help, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to assist you.