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Interior design is pretty fun and exciting when it comes to transforming your home and experimenting with new things. One thing that will completely change the appearance and atmosphere of any room in the house, is colour. Adding new colour to a room brings with it a whole lot of character, and allows you to make it look totally different. Another good thing about changing a colour scheme, is that it requires no major work. There’s no re-construction, but simply just a bit of paint!

The colour scheme you decide to go for depends entirely on the look you are trying to achieve and the sort of vibe you want to create. Do you want to keep it simple and classy, or loud and eccentric? We’ve come up with a few suggestions of different colour schemes and why they would look good in your kitchen…



Coral is a very calming, and light-hearted sort of colour, and one that is very popular in all areas of interior design this year. It lightens the room up and makes it feel more refreshed. Coral is quite subtle, but also eye-catching, and a colour that allows you to get creative with the rest of the design, for example you may want to collect a few quirky accessories to complement this colour scheme.


Deep blue

You can never go wrong with blue. It doesn’t have to look over the top, and it’s easy to match with a lot of things. Furthermore, kitchens are somewhat water-based, so blue is a fitting colour in that sense and sets the scene nicely. Another good thing about deep blue tones, is that they make for quite a moody atmosphere, which although may be different to what you’re used to, is an interesting change and one that makes the room feel more classy.


Grey and white

This colour scheme is one that has been in high demand for probably the past couple of years now. There is something about the combination of grey and white that makes a room feel very classy and modern. As well as this, as a colour pairing, grey and white also gives off the feeling of the room being very clean, which is perfect for kitchens. Although it’s a little basic, it has a fantastic impact and always looks flawless. Sometimes, less is more, and with this colour scheme, keeping everything basic and accessorising with grey and white is the perfect way to give your kitchen a makeover and have it feeling brand new.  


Baby blue, pink and yellow

Baby colours, such as baby blue, pink and yellow, are quite happy and innocent colours, and a lot of people like to theme their kitchen with these. Painting your kitchen with these colours feels very delicate and calming. Furthermore, due to the colours being very light, you will find that it opens up the kitchen more, and makes it a more relaxed and uplifting room to be in. 


Khaki green

Khaki green is an interesting colour, as it isn’t very loud and ‘out there’, but it is a slight step above neutral colours, yet one that works with them perfectly. Khaki against an otherwise neutral kitchen with mostly colours like cream or pale grey, is a great way to add something a bit different. Although it’s not quite neutral and it does stand out against those sort of colours, it’s a very settling tone and only just catches your eye as you walk in the room. However, if you paint your kitchen predominantly in khaki, this will certainly stand out and feel instantly different, and almost quite mysterious. The pairing of khaki with other colours along with how much of the colour you have in your kitchen is what will determine the whole atmosphere. 


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